So it Begins…

If you’ve found your way here, that means you have an interest in my work. Thanks!

I kinda like to think of this portfolio as a greatest hits album and hopefully the work will speak for itself.  Since you’ve made it this far, here’s some album notes on the artist, yours truly.

I developed an interest for computers at a young age. It all started when I was a curious 14 year old and decided that my first computer should be very much my own – so I built one! The next stages of my life continued to be centered around computers, starting off first with digital recording as a college kid. As the world started to shift to online communication, the world of web design immediately sparked my interest. I love the creativity aspect of designing, but what inspires me most about this industry is that it is always changing. There is always a challenge on the horizon to pull all the pieces together for one amazing spectacle. My mind works a lot like technology in general – it never stops!  It is because of that reason why I choose to continuously educate myself to not just stay current in this industry, but to get one step  ahead. I’ve traveled the nation attending conferences that have greatly inspired me to think outside of the box, to be bold and innovative.

Of course, web design is not my only passion in life. I have a family that keeps me pretty busy at home, with my wife’s “Honey Do Lists” and a best buddy of mine who just happens to be my toddler son. Our weekends are filled with fun family time, whether it’s at the theme parks or just hanging out at the house watching his favorite preschool shows.